What Are Nanobrows?

Similar to Microblading, Nanobrows (the process of creating Nanobrows) takes the eyebrow enhancing procedure to the next level through the use of a digital device that embeds pigment under the skin. This semi permanent method uses precise strokes to mimic the appearance of hair to create fuller looking brows.

What Is the Difference Between Microblading and Nanobrows?

While Microblading uses a semi-rigid blade to create the strokes, Nanobrows uses an extra-fine and flexible single nanoneedle that increases precision while evenly distributing pigment. Not only does the nanoneedle result in a more gentle treatment but it also requires fewer follow-up procedures. Finally, technicians are also able to create more intricate designs due to the single needle device's precision tip.

How Does Nanobrows Work?

Nanobrows mimic the appearance of real hair by using strategically placed strokes to distribute pigment into the skin. By using the digital device, technicians are able to closely match each stroke to create a natural look that blends seamlessly with existing hairs.

What Do You Use to Create Nanobrows?

Nanobrows are created using the Amiea Linelle Supreme, which includes both a patented single use disposable safety cartridge and a dual membrane to stop back flow.

Why Should I Choose Nanobrows Over Microblading?

  • While both Microblading and Nanobrows achieve a similar look, the precision of Nanobrows leads to faster healing and more defined strokes. Although Microblading works best on dry to normal skin types as combination to oily skin may lead to a softer look, Nanobrows appear crisp and polished on all skin types. For those who have undergone a Microblading procedure before and are looking for a retouch due to fading, Nanobrows may be a better choice for follow-ups as it embeds the pigment deeper into the skin. Subsequent Microblading treatments often leave the skin unable to retain the color while the digital device has the ability to deposit pigment deeper without causing more damage to the skin.

Does Nanobrows Hurt?

Since numbing ointment is used throughout the procedure to minimize pain, the process is practically painless with just a possibility of slight discomfort.

Does Nanobrows Affect the Existing Hair?

Not only does Nanobrows not damage the existing hair, but it actually can stimulate the dormant follicles and result in additional growth.

How Long Does the Nanobrows Procedure Take?

The entire procedure, including numbing, outlining the shape, pre-drawing the strokes and fine-tuning, takes about three to four hours.

How Much Do Nanobrows Cost?

In order to get an accurate cost based on your needs, consult the pricing guide on our services page. TBD

Do Different Skin Types React Differently to Nanobrows?

While individual results vary by client, Nanobrows generally produces realistic results regardless of skin type. Nanobrows is a great alternative to Microblading, specifically for people with oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin as well as those who have tried Microblading in the past and didn't see their desired results. Your final look can vary according to your skin type, environmental exposure and your aftercare routine.

Are There Any Reasons Why I May Be Ineligible for Nanobrows?

First, you must be at least 18 years of age to receive Nanobrows. There are also several health factors to take into account. While we do perform Nanobrows on diabetic clients, we ask that you have it under control as high blood sugar levels can negatively impact the healing process. We don't perform the procedure on pregnant or nursing women as well as people who are undergoing chemotherapy.

How Long Do Nanobrows Last?

  • Although the length of time that Nanobrows last depends on your skin type and lifestyle, they generally last for 24 to 36 months. Due to variables, we can't guarantee specific results.