I just have a few questions about your eyebrows & skin. Based on your answers I’ll recommend a technique best suited for your needs.

General Q&A

Have you ever had permanent makeup, microblading, or eyebrow tattooing?

Do any of the below apply to you?

  • Under 18 yrs old

  • Pregnant or Nursing

  • Keloids or skin condition in area to be treated.

  • Major health conditions (unless you have doctor's note)

If none of the above apply then continue to Brow Analysis & Skin Analysis

**Do Not recommend a technique until the client provides answers to both (Brow & Skin Analysis questions).


How would you describe your skin?

A.      Dry – Microblading, Nano or Ombre’

B.      Oily – Nano or Ombre’

C.      Combo or not sure – Nano or Ombre’ (Possibly Microblading?)


How would you describe your pores?

A.      Large, mostly visible – Nano or Ombre’

B.      Small, mostly visible – Microblading, Nano or Ombre’

C.      Combo or not sure – Nano or Ombre’ (Possibly Microblading?)

Technique & technician recommended

  • The technique and technician best suited for you are.

  •   Do you have any questions?

AFTERCARE (SImply an FYI for the client)

The following are prohibited for approximately 14 days after your appointment (Assure the client understands the below)

  • Water

  • Sun

  • Exercise

  • Brow Makeup

  • Tanning

  • Skin Treatments

  • No water for the first 24 hours on the treated area 


Pricing: Provide your pricing or the recommended technicians pricing.

*Deposit: ALL Clients to be informed that due to high appointment demand, all appointments require a $200-$300 deposit to secure a booking. The amount will be deducted from the final cost. Deposits are non-refundable. 

Checkout: Hand over the client to Rachael for scheduling