Your experience and satisfaction is very important to Lashes to Lashes. To ensure the best results and to properly maintain your lashes at home, please read and follow our prescribed Aftercare Instructions below.



  • Groom your lashes as needed with clean mascara spoolie wand

  • Keep your Eyelash Extensions completely dry for 4 hours after each application so avoid showers, steam, swimming and sweating. This time is necessary for the glue to properly adhere to the natural lashes.

  • We recommend cleansing your extensions every night with Lashes to Lashes FOAM cleanser. Gentle for your extensions and your eyes!

  • Avoid any oils, and creams, near the extensions. This can cause the bond to loosen.

  • Lash Touch ups are every 3-5 weeks!

And always remember your lashes are on their own individual growth cycle, so your natural lashes are constantly shedding!

Enjoy your new set of Lash Extensions! If you have any questions please call us. We are here to help!



  • Rub or pull on extensions or natural lashes

  • Use oil-based products around the eyelashes

  • Use waterproof mascara or mascara meant for natural lashes – these interfere with the bond of your extensions. One of the benefits of Eyelash Extensions is that mascara is no longer needed!

  • Use a mechanical eyelash curler – these destroy your extensions and can pull out your natural lashes

  • Touch your lashes – the oils from your fingers can break down the glue

Don’t worry when you lose an extension. This is part of the natural shedding process of your natural lashes and you will have a new lash growing in right behind the old one that will be ready to fill in when you come in for your next touch up appointment!